Meerkat 2023 Calendar

Meerkat 2023 Calendar

Price: $19.99 + $6.99 shipping to United States

  • National holidays marked.
  • 12 months (January - December).
  • Measures 8.5" x 11" closed and 17" x 11" opened. (30 x 21 cm closed and 42 x 30 cm opened)
  • Printed on semi-gloss photo paper with laser technology.


$19.99 + $6.99 shipping

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Arrival: March 30
Carrier: UPS/USPS
From: EU-Hungary
Import Tax: Free
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Reviewed by Marci
Nov 26, 2022
This spiral-bound calendar is much better quality than so many calendars currently for sale with flimsy paper that tears and writing transfers thru to the page below. From now on this is the only type of calendar I will buy - it is far superior, with heavy card stock pages and sturdy construction. The photographs on this calendar are sort of dark and dingy, could be brighter, but this is a minor complaint. It was shipped in a timely manner and well packaged.
Vermont 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by woobonhill
Nov 20, 2022
It seemed a bit on the pricey side for a calendar but when it was received it is very good quality paper and the photos are beautiful . My dad will love it for his 90th birthday . He loves Korea and photography. Wrapped well and beautifully for shipping . Thank you :)
Korea 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Leslie
Nov 16, 2022
I wanted a vegetable calendar. I love my garden. Especially in the winter I can look and be inspired until the spring comes back. A calendar like this was impossible to find. I bought one last year and loved it so I have this ready to go for 2023.
Vegetables 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Richard
Nov 13, 2022
This calendar is just perfect. It's not too commercial, not too large, not too small. The photos are sharp and well lit and the layout is understated. Best of all the stock is thick and well suited to the application.
Rabbit 2023 Wall Calendar
Nov 11, 2022
I was very disappointed in the calendar. It looked like an amature took pictures while in Dubai and put them on a calendar similar to what I have done in the past just using my computer. \n\nDidn't feel it looked professional. Certainly not what I expected.
Dubai 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Marilyn
Oct 31, 2022
Arrived very quickly and met my expecrations.
Hippo 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Vickie
Oct 27, 2022
Exactly as described and shipping was very quick.
Hungary 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Melissa
Oct 10, 2022
This gecko calendar is great quality! The paper is nice, and the photography is amazing. I like that the photographer's names are listed - the only thing I would change is to add the species of gecko. Would definitely buy from here again!
Gecko 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Cynthia
Oct 6, 2022
I have already written a positive review of the first calendar. I ordered two.
Corgi 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Cynthia
Oct 3, 2022
Beautiful calendar! Liked it so much, I bought a second one for a family member. Shipping was prompt.
Corgi 2023 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Zach
Jul 25, 2022
Great photos printed on quality paper. Fast shipping.
Galaxy 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Gay
Jun 7, 2022
this is my second desk wolf calendar. I have both wolf calendars hanging in my cars. Love the images of wolves and quality of gloss paper they are on. 6 stars!
Wolf 2022 Desk Calendar
Reviewed by Olga
May 25, 2022
Love my bicycle calendar! Looking forward to next year’s edition! Fast to ship.
Bike 2022 Magnetic Calendar
Reviewed by Rebecca
Mar 26, 2022
Love this calendar - I have a Russian Blue kitty and he is gorgeous so was happy to purchase this lovely calendar. I will enjoy all of the photos of Russian Blue cats!\n5 stars!
Russian Blue Cat 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Christmas
Mar 18, 2022
My son loved the calendar.
Colombia 2022 Wall Calendar
Mar 17, 2022
Le foto me li aspettavo più belle... da farwest
Horse 2022 Desk Calendar
Reviewed by Denise johnson
Mar 13, 2022
Love this calendar! Have it sitting on my desk 🖤
Crow 2022 Desk Calendar
Reviewed by Diane
Mar 11, 2022
Good packing, quick shipping. Very good quality, pictures clear and bright. Hangs on the wall close to my computer so I can look at it frequently, since I love the pictures so much!
Camel 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Deb
Mar 8, 2022
Super!\nHappy with it. Thanks great Etsy shop
Whale 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Regina
Mar 7, 2022
Wunderschöner Kalender. Ich bin sehr begeistert. Danke schön.
Bat 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Gay
Mar 5, 2022
My wolf calendar is hanging in my car. What a joy to smile at the professional photos of wolves. Paper quality was a good surprise. Top of the line beauty. I look over at the calendar and smile. thank you
Wolf 2022 Desk Calendar
Reviewed by kristinnelson9
Feb 27, 2022
I’ve purchased the violin calendar multiple times. It’s the perfect addition to any music classroom! I enjoy seeing it every day when I teach.
Violin 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Maggementron
Feb 25, 2022
Happy to have a year of Bisons ahead !
Bison 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Jeanne
Feb 21, 2022
Perfect for the swimmer in our family
Swimming 2022 Wall Calendar
Reviewed by Jeanne
Feb 20, 2022
Perfect for the body builder in the family
Bodybuilding 2022 Wall Calendar
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